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Personnal concept of FPV sport or amateur drones, able to shoot a disabling goo at their opponents to win a race or arena based game (Team race, Solo race, Arena capture the flag, Arena deathmatch, etc).

Parrot's new version of the minidrone, the Hydrofoil. I took care of the product identity (colors and graphism).

Parrot's latest (2015) minidrones : the Airborne Cargo and Light, in its different versions. Global project : plastic parts, stickers design, color, industrialisation, assembly and molding.

Roccat 3-button mouse and top fin

I worked at the Joris Laarman Studio as an intern for half a year. I took part in different projects, from exhibition organisation, to main projects like the Staircase library, the leaf table, and also crafting Bone chairs in the workshop.

The cheese brand "P'tit Louis" requested a rework of his product for kids, from an economical point of view. That work included a new packaging with new transport and stocking methods to improve the whole system. The proposition was to replace the old rectangle box, with a packaging made of cellulose, and having a stronger identity by having the shape of the product inside. It is also stackable, and improves drastically the real volume of product per packaging.

I worked at Diwel, a very innovative startup near Rennes, in France, where they developped new technologies for sound, video and data transmission for events (concerts, festivals, street shows...). I took care of design elements like front pannels, cases, and some pieces of communiation.

Wirquin is a company specialized in water conducts for housing, and they requested a project to widen their field of intervention in the house. I designed with a collegue a system that allows water and time saving, by allowing you to clean any kitchen tool piece instantly, instead of having to wash it under the tap. It's a small tank, built-in the work surface, when you can slide in knives, spoons, whisks or ladles, to clean them effiently and instantly. Around the tank are placed think but powerful jets triggered by pressing the top part of the object, and cleaning all residues (vegetable/fruit juice, seeds, skins) of the tool. A circle of brushes at the top helps finishing the cleaning job when pulling the tool out, and also help prevent water splash. Everything is then evacuated through the normal conducts, though, a filter is here at the bottom of the tank to prevent large pieces to jam them.

Ulna is a startup who developped a whole system of anti-contamination door handles for every environment. The main ones though, are the public facilities like hospitals, where bacterias and disease transfers is an every moment issue. With that system already equipping several hospitals, hands are not useful anymore to open the doors. As the company is called, you use your forearm (the ulna bone) to open them, and thus limit drastically the progression of diseases and bacterias in one environment.

This object is quite unusual. With a friend, I wanted to rethink the relation people can have with the funerals of a close one. Instead of that static and cold object which is the funeral urn, we though that by giving having some emotions and poetry put into it, the relation to the death could be different. This object is a funeral urn shaped as a bird house, with two compartments (one for the ashes, one for the bird), creating a close link between the deceased ashes and the bird leaving his house flying. The whole object is shaped as the fruit of the oak, and is designed to be hung to a tree branch, high in the air.

A project I developped with other designer for the tram-train connection between Nantes and Chateaubriand. The transport was designed to offer solutions for inner and outer-city journeys, thus to accomodate users from both environments, each having their own rythm of short/long journey, for personnal and professionnal purpose.

This electrically assisted solution offers to itinerant tradesman a way to move around the city way more efficiently than with a classic van. Except if the works are massive, this vehicule can carry anything a trades man needs for specific interventions and quick fixes at clients places. Since it is not motorized, it can park anywhere as a bicycle and prevent these workers to get fined for parking (a fine they usually have to pay themselves). The vehicule boot is adjustable with shelves and compartment splitters, to adapt itself to different professions or goods to carry. It's size fits normalized pallets to direclty allow important loads to be carried.

The Cito project is an idea that came with seeing the behaviour of the people living in big cities when they have to go shopping and thus move around, usually in a close area, most likely, in their neighborhood. It is a service, where you only have to possess buy a tote bag, originally designed to be used with the shopping trolley, but which can be used without. Then, you only need to grab one of these shopping trolley, that you can use as a scooter to move around faster and with less issues carrying your groceries. When shopping, you just need to fold it to its compact configuration, and use it as a conventional shopping trolley. It can be proposed as a public solution, that you can find at the frontier of housing and shopping neigborhoods, but also could be used by mail and parcel deliverers. The whole service can also be integrated directly by large shopping mall franchise, and propose it to its clients.

My own arcade stick, and the first one I crafted. It is inspired from Akuma, a character of the Street Fighter game series.
Thus I made it massive looking like the character, with a strong naked wood shape I simply dyed with walnut oil to give it that chocolate dark color.

A custom arcade stick I crafted following the Wolverine character theme for the colors and the global shape.
The case lines are sharp, and the details like the carved claw mark and the ripped side letting the adamantium skeletton appear, gives it its very aggressive style.

A stick I am currently crafting, following the Theme of Gunnm / Battle Angel Alita. The case will be shaped on its side as the blade of Alita, and metal painted, while the rest will be white.


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Hello ! My name is Vincent Le Roux, and I am a french designer now based in Paris.

I specialize in industrial and high-tech product design. I'm a passionate of the never-ending seek for innovation, mixed with the work of ergonomics and intelligent products, and endued with a remarkable identity. I always seek to enrich these projects with new inspirations sources, reaching this goal thanks to my various areas of interests : from video games culture, to IT, sciences, graphic arts (concept-art, illustration, animation...) and my will to meet and exchange as much knowledge as possible with people from other environments or professions. I come to practice other activities such as illustration, coding, 3D & rendering, video game creation or custom arcade sticks crafting. This apetite for a a wide panel of passions and interests allow me to be polyvalent and efficient over many aspects, being able to deal with less common and various tasks and interact easily with all my interlocutors.

Bonjour ! Je m'appelle Vincent Le Roux, et je suis un designer maintenant situé à Paris.

Mes domaines de prédilection sont le design produit et les objets high-tech. Je suis passionné par la constante recherche d'innovation technique mélée au travail d'un produit ergonomique, intelligent et doté d'une identité marquante. Je cherche toujours à enrichir ces projets de nouvelles sources d'inspiration, et j'y parviens notamment grâce à mes intérêts divers ; de la culture du jeu vidéo en passant par l'informatique, les sciences, les arts graphiques (concept-art, illustration, animation...), et ma volonté de rencontrer et d'échanger un maximum de connaissances avec des personnes de différents milieux ou professions. J'en viens à pratiquer d'autres activités aussi diverses que l'illustration, le code, la 3D et le rendering, la création de jeu vidéo ou la fabrication de sticks d'arcade customisés. Cet apétit pour un large horizon de passions et d'intérêt me permettent d'être polyvalent et efficaces sur beaucoup d'aspects, en étant capable d'effectuer des tâches variées et atypiques, et de dialoguer aisément avec mes interlocuteurs.

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